Why Quit Smoking And Give It Up For Life?

There are many health-related reasons why to quit smoking and give it up for life. But the answer to why is more than just the obvious that will be revealed here for each and every smoker who has battled with trying to quit and just cannot seem to do so. Hopefully this will serve to be an inspiration for them and get them on the road to determination and self-will to give up this dreaded addiction for always.

Smoking isn’t only way deadly to the human lungs and body overall. It’s also a nuisance in that it creates havoc for a world that is plagued by rising health care costs and lost productivity that is the result of smoking-related illnesses and deaths. There is no better reason to why quit smoking than other than to save your life from potential cancer and lung-related diseases such as emphysema.

There are many reasons to quit smoking and the whys are numerous. However one of the biggest and obvious of all the whys is that you must do it to prevent your present health from going downhill by the hands of a dreaded habit that could claim your life in the end. Why quit smoking is to guard your health from further deterioration at the hands of a proven killer that cigarette smoking has been shown to be.

The Whys to Why Quit Smoking

The whys to why quit smoking do outweigh everything else. So these whys will be discussed and highlighted to serve as a positive tool for those smokers who are considering giving up their smoking habit. As they will help to serve as personal motivation for those who have had a battle of wills with regards to cutting the ties to cigarette smoking altogether.

Smoking is way bad on all fronts and has a negative impact on nearly every organ in the body. It’s the cause of many a disease in addition and isn’t good for the overall health and life of the one who smokes repeatedly either.

Smoking has been proven to be linked to different kinds of cancer that range from lung cancer to cancers of the esophagus, pancreas, larynx, uterine cervix, urinary bladder, pharynx and kidney. Also cancers of the lip and oral cavity are also in this group as well. Besides the risk of cancer to one’s self especially lung cancer there is also a connection to heart disease and stroke.

Smoking can also severely cripple and damage your respiratory health over the course of time too. As it can spawn such dreaded chronic diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and even the presence of asthma in some cases. A good many as 90% of deaths are related to obstructive lung diseases that are traced back to cigarette smoking.

Besides the chance of great health risks to yourself overall you can also help to hurt the health of those you love most in the world as well.

Your loved ones are at a high risk for damage to their own health just by breathing in the same air as you do. The reason for this is that they are taking in second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is also known as being environmental tobacco smoke. It can literally affect the health of a nonsmoker in many ways. Some of which include cancer, heart disease, and also some respiratory problems in cases with infants and children.

Therefore all the whys have been exposed as to why quit smoking in general and the biggest why is so you can go on to live a full and productive life.