Which Method to Quit Smoking Is Best?

Every smoker who has thought of quitting has to find the best method to quit smoking that will work for him or her. Not everyone succeeds in giving up smoking the first time that an attempt is made. However this does not mean one has to lose heart. The first couple of weeks after quitting are always the toughest because of withdrawal symptoms. Many people give up at this stage and are reluctant to try any other method to quit smoking.

Scientists now believe that there are two major types of smokers, and within each group there are different reasons that govern why they smoke. Reputed tobacco cessation programs take this into consideration and find the most appropriate method to quit smoking for an individual. However, whatever the method to quit smoking you may choose, it is important to involve your loved ones in the program. Their support and encouragement is vital to see you through what can be a very difficult time.

No Single Method to Quit Smoking Can Suit All

Some people believe that the best method to quit smoking is to stop entirely one day and use one’s will power to keep it up. In these cases, the smoker needs to keep busy with exercise or other activities to divert the mind away from smoking. ‘Cold turkey’ may not work for every one, and others may reduce their smoking in different ways before actually giving up for good.

In this gradual method to quit smoking, the smoker usually chooses a date when he or she will stop and works on preparing mentally and physically for it. He or she announces it to the family and friends so they can rally around and extend support in this momentous decision. A light exercise regime and plenty of water intakes are helpful. It is necessary to stop buying cigarettes in packs and smoke only halves. Each cigarette should be delayed for as long as possible.

Once a person quits smoking, the temptation is always there to go back, particularly if people around smoke. It helps to develop a hobby or spend time in places that do not permit smoking such as museums. It always helps to keep reminding oneself of all the advantages of not smoking such as better health, money saved and more time with loved ones. A good reason to quit is for the benefit of children in the family so that they are not exposed to second-hand smoke. Furthermore it is a good example to them and they probably will grow up as non–smokers.