The Triad of Quit Smoking Aids

The large number of quit smoking aids is a double-edged sword because while it offers would-be former tobacco addicts with a wide range of options, the alternatives can be bewildering as well! Confusion over which methods to use in order to stop smoking, often end up becoming excuses for smokers to continue with the habit. It is never too late to give up this dangerous indulgence, but its deleterious effects are so wide-ranging that every day without cigarettes adds to potential longevity.

All major quit smoking aids can be put in one of 3 categories. This approach makes it easy to decide on how each person can have the best chances of success in attempts to give up all forms of tobacco permanently. It is not worthwhile to debate endlessly on which of the quit smoking aids is best, because there can never be a unitary solution for all smokers. Quicker and definite progress is possible by choosing between the categories, or by opting for a combination. A medical person, an experienced counselor, or a conscientious former smoker can help current tobacco addicts think through all the options, but it is also possible to arrive at effective and custom solutions alone.

Nicotine Based Quit Smoking Aids

Modern medicine has found ways to use nicotine in a therapeutic way for de-addiction. ‘Use a thief to catch another’ as the saying goes! Many patients opt to use a nicotine patch, which can be affixed discreetly, and which produces pleasing results quickly. Candies, chewing-gum, inhalers, and nasal sprays, are other painless ways of using nicotine to fight nicotine. All of them need prescriptions.

Drug Based Quit Smoking Aids

Trust rapacious pharmaceutical companies to find new ways of making profits from misery! Bupropion may not mean anything to you if you are not a qualified doctor, or if you have never been treated for depression, but this stimulant which was originally marketed for psychiatric applications, can also be prescribed by doctors to help patients quit smoking. The drug has significant limitations, and has to be used with care by an experienced physician.

Quit Smoking Aids without Medication

Why use dangerous drugs at all? It certainly makes good sense to try less invasive methods, at least as first steps. Hypnotherapy and low intensity lasers are known to succeed with many smokers, and skilled therapists can make sure that they cause no harm in any case. These relatively safe methods can usually be tried in conjunction with therapeutic nicotine and with other drugs also. Suffice it to conclude that there is at least one suitable way for everyone to stop smoking!