The Concept of a Quit Smoking Injection

The human brain has specific receptors to recognize the presence of nicotine in the body. A quit smoking injection might work by blocking these receptors, so that recipients can no longer detect whether nicotine circulates in blood. This would be a novel, effective, and durable way of escaping from nicotine dependence.

Preliminary reports indicate that some pain killers can be used in this way. A quit smoking injection would have to be administered by a doctor, who would also need clinic facilities to manage any adverse reactions that could set in. A person who receives such an injection would need to be monitored over a long period of time, and may require one of more follow-up injected doses as well.

Keeping a Balanced Perspective on a Quit Smoking Injection

A quit smoking injection could be a long way off from commercial availability in the United States or a similar country. Any injected substance which acts on the brain would need extensive testing, and is most unlikely to be available in the foreseeable future. Therefore, any person who is a current smoker should not count on a quit smoking injection to resolve his or her serious health issue.

Nicotine is a major but not the sole source of habit formation when it comes to cigarettes. Smoking has a number of psychological dimensions, which could prevail even after a person has lost the ability to sense nicotine. Most modern drugs, especially pain killers are known to have serious side-effects: a quit smoking injection would have to be used with care, and would probably not be suitable for vulnerable individuals such as expecting mothers.

A quit smoking injection is unlikely to do away with the need for strong resolve and firm determination with respect to breaking the tobacco habit. Most addicts put off the start of any habit correction measures until the last possible minute, so the distant horizons of a quit smoking injection are not good news for a current smoker.

The harm from tobacco is so severe and broad that every encounter with the toxin has cumulative effects. Addicts need to stop at the very earliest opportunity, and should decide to do so with available and proven measures rather than to dream of possible future remedies. The quit smoking injection concept is not ready for presentation to the lay public at this time, though it may prove to be extremely efficacious in the future.