The Best Way to Quit Smoking is without Medicine

You never know when dire adversity chances upon anyone, but we do know that people routinely show surprising reserves of mental strength when involved in serious accidents, disasters, and grave measures of misfortune. The human spirit is nearly indomitable, and everyone can adapt to circumstances which develop inexorably. Using these qualities of resolve and resilience is the best way to quit smoking.

Overcoming difficulties, resisting temptation, and achieving goals with stretch, all build character, and impart permanent values as well. Bearing the initial discomfort which accompanies sudden separation from nicotine, paves the way for new self-respect, and it imparts a host of psychological benefits as well. There are many significant psychological benefits waiting to be discovered as soon as a person decides internally and unilaterally, to make a clean break for a better bill of health. The best way to quit smoking is simply to take an irreversible decision to do so, even before this sentence is complete.

The path to abstention from tobacco is strewn with transient breaks, which culminate in rebounds with binging on cigarettes, and on other forms of nicotine, after short intervals. This is one of the main drawbacks of using prescription medicines to quit tobacco. What could happen once the doctor’s back is turned, or when you miss doses for any reasons? Besides, all drugs have their adverse side-effects, contra-indications, and essential precautions. Whys should you take such attendant risks when you have a fully functional mind and will? Is it not inspiring to know that the best way to quit smoking is entirely inside your own individuality?

Useful Support for the Best Way to Quit Smoking

It is not as though there is no help for the best way to quit smoking as outlined above. Anything which helps to control your mind, and which comes free of serious risks, is valuable and worth trying. There are two major types of non-drug supports for personal resolve as the best way to quit smoking. One relates to hypnosis and the other to interrupting nerve transmission. A smoker who wishes to be free of the habit may submit to hypnosis by a skilled therapist, or listen to mind control exercises, sounds, and rhythms which have been recorded on any storage medium. Therapy based on principles of mind control helps people to remain steadfast as they strive to stay away from nicotine, and they can also understand the bases and natures of their addictions better.

Acupuncture and laser therapy are two methods of interrupting nerve pathways related to stress and feelings of acute discomfort when in the early days of living without tobacco. Though scientific studies in to these techniques are still underway, large numbers of cases of their useful deployment are known in circles of therapists and of former smokers as well. The light therapy uses low energy beams, and these can cause no harm even if directed marginally away from the precise junctions of relevant nerves. However, precise equipment calibration to reach desired light orientation and wave lengths do matter. A skilled practitioner with proper equipment and the right settings can certainly boost the best way to quit smoking to an even higher plane of success!