Stop Smoking Now With Quit Smoking Plans

Most people who smoke have tried to quit at least once, and they know full well how hard it is. They say that people who try to quit smoking have to try at least five times before they finally kick the habit, and some have to quit more than that. Smoking is one of the most addictive things humans can do, but you can quit. It can be done but you have to be serious about it. You have to want to quit, or else all the trying in the world won’t do a bit of good. You can quit smoking once and for all with quit smoking plans. Quit smoking plans are devised by you, or they are gleaned from outside resources, and they’re purpose is to help you quit once and for all. You have a long road ahead of you, but you can do it, you just have to have faith that you will be a non smoker again.

Pros And Cons

One method of designing quit smoking plans is to make a pros and cons list. This is list is so that you can look at it and quickly see why you want to quit. On the pros side, write everything that smoking does that’s positive for you. For instance, it helps calm you down, it controls your appetite, and so on. On the cons side, write down everything that you don’t like about smoking, such as the fact that it makes your clothes stink, it causes you not taste food as well, and anything else you don’t like about smoking. When you’re done, your cons list should be longer than your pros list, that is if you’re honest with yourself. This is your guide to quitting smoking and it’s part of your quit smoking plan that is devised to get you motivated to quit.

The Plans

Your quit smoking plans should include your date of quitting, such as tomorrow, and how you’re going to occupy yourself when you really want a cigarette. When you quit smoking, you are taking something away from your life. It will make you feel as if something is missing. You need to replace that need with something positive, such as exercise, a new hobby, or anything else that takes up your time and mental processes. Your quit smoking plans should include things such as chewing sugarless gum whenever you want a cigarette, doing deep breathing exercises whenever you feel stressed and overwhelmed, as well as any mantras you want to repeat to yourself to overcome that urge to smoke. Your quit smoking plans are your blueprint for a better, healthier life, so do your research beforehand, to know what you’re going to go through, so that you can be fully prepared for the long road ahead.

Outside Resources

There are many resources to help you quit smoking. There are websites dedicated to the subject, letting you know what the withdrawal symptoms are, how long they last, as well as testimonials from past quitters about how they did it. These are great for making your quit smoking plans. Just make sure you stick with your plan, even though you’ll want to quit. You can quit smoking, you just have to want to quit and your quit smoking plan can help you do it.