Quit Smoking Cold Turkey and Take the Heat off Your Lungs!

Sometimes it doesn’t prove to be easy to give up a habit you’ve had a good bit of your life. But if you are determined to do it and put it in your mind and heart that you are going to do it. Then nothing can stop you or stand in your way from accomplishing the goal that you have achieved for yourself from the get go. Quit smoking cold turkey isn’t something that should be looked on as being an unattainable thing for it is very within your reach to grab it.

If you have what it takes both on the inside and the outside to get the job done. All of us are weak to some degree in certain areas and when it comes to diehard habits this is definitely one. There will be obstacles that will attempt to block your path once you’ve decided to give up the cigarette for good. However you can’t let these stumbling blocks break your determination and lesson your commitment to do what you need to do. By quit smoking cold turkey you’re not only taking the heat off of your lungs. But you’re adding years back to your life which will normally be cut short by smoking.

How does one go about quit smoking cold turkey? Where does one start with something that seems not so easy? Can one follow through with it once they’ve made up their mind that smoking is way over already? The answers to these questions are all yes. Again it depends on you and your determination to disconnect yourself from something that can harm you more so than benefit you. The very first step to quit smoking cold turkey is by accepting the fact that you are a drug addict in a sense of the word. As nicotine is just as way addictive as is any illegal drug or prescription drug out there. Admitting this to you is the first step.

The Next Steps to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

The next steps to quit smoking cold turkey will be detailed for you one by one. If you’re going to quit smoking cold turkey this doesn’t mean you can just smoke a less amount of cigarettes or take a product that will replace the nicotine you’ve already lost with some other form of nicotine. It means literally just what the words mean. You must give up smoking completely and that’s it. It cannot be done a quarter of the way or half of the way. Either you do it all of the way or no way at all.

Once you’ve decided to cut yourself off from the source of nicotine altogether. You could very well experience some symptoms of drug withdrawal. This is because nicotine is way powerful and when your body grows accustomed to it. It will begin to miss it once the nicotine levels in your blood get low. Therefore you could very well feel the effects of drug withdrawal. But once the physical withdrawal takes place and is over with. You will start to not feel the cravings that are evident when suffering physical withdrawal. Some cravings may still linger but this is due in part to the psychological conditions that smoking cigarettes does create. They will eventually go away too. Physical withdrawal symptoms shouldn’t last beyond a two-week period. But quit smoking cold turkey is totally a matter of personal choice. You must be stick to your guns once you start and be determined to follow it through. The choice to finish the race to never smoke again is entirely up to you!