Present and Future Reasons to Quit Smoking

Your heart, lungs, and circulatory system are under severe and current strain, as you read this article, if you smoke even occasionally. The threats to your well-being and financial worth are proportionate to the amount of nicotine and tar which enters your system, but you are never free from the threat of severe addiction, if even traces of nicotine can find their ways in to your system. Your life span decreases measurably with every single encounter you have with any form of tobacco, and the paper used in cigarettes, adds hugely to the risks, as it burns on your lighting up. Overall, one of the main reasons to quit smoking is that it kills you inexorably during every minute of your nicotine days. It does not end with the present and current threats to your well-being and the number of years for which you are likely to remain alive. Nicotine and tar have chronic and additive effects, which make the dangers loom even larger as time goes by. Though it is possible to recover from ill-health in substantial measures once you stop your deadly tobacco affair, traces of burnt paper in the far reaches of your lungs and arteries hardened by years of nicotine exposure, continue to pose risks throughout the remainder of your shortened life. Fear of long term consequences, and of deeply distressful later life are as important as reasons to quit smoking, as the immediate threats you encounter with the tobacco habit. Selfless Reasons to Quit Smoking The risks, which you endure as a result of your addiction, are finally your business. Suicide is illegal in most countries, but in spite of all its established toxicity, nicotine addiction is not a crime. Who is to stop you if you determine that your wellness and life are worth throwing away for the pleasures that a habit imparts? However, there are powerful reasons to quit smoking, which have nothing to do with you as an isolated individual. Though tobacco consumption is a personal habit, it causes disgust and tangential harm to others. You might slink away for a quick cigarette where the practice is barred to prevent passive smoking, but your breath and even your clothes bear the stench of your dreadful habit, for those who do not indulge in it. You could become a social outcast in most modern and aware circles, should you smoke, and you could even be denied intimacy, if a partner is not addicted as you are. The reasons to quit smoking enumerated so far pale in significance compared to the last one: children. The best outcome in a sense is that sperm counts are so debilitated that you can no longer conceive. Things are even worse if you are female, for while you do not need more than one egg to have a baby, the innocent one may come in to this world with terrible deformities and crippling disabilities because a careless or ignorant mother continued smoking during her reproductive years. You might well conclude that there could be no stronger reasons to quit smoking than to have normal children, except that you might die without leaving adequate capital for their upbringing, or worse, spend so much on your medical treatment, as to leave insufficient funds for their essential needs. You should hope that they despise you, because they may copy your tobacco habit if you are looked upon as a kind of role model. Your children are the ultimate reasons to quit smoking, so stub out now and never light up again!