No Shortage of Quit Smoking Programs!

There are numerous quit smoking programs organized by hospitals, clinics and support groups in most cities. They offer different types of techniques to help habitual smokers quit for good. As a smoker you may have tried many quit smoking programs but may have not been able to succeed for keeps. There is no need to lose heart as now many of these quit smoking programs analyze why you smoke and help you find the ways that will work best with you.

Scientifically run quit smoking programs believe that smokers can be divided into two major groups. The coordinator determines which group a smoker belongs to with the help of a questionnaire. Some people smoke because it stimulates them, or they find it pleasurable, or it helps them relax. There are specific quit smoking programs that are tailored for this category of smokers.

Others smoke because it helps relieve tension, or out of a habit, or a craving. The quit smoking programs designed for these people takes into consideration that there is a problem of addiction to nicotine with these people. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure that they can quit for good. Often these programs are best conducted under medical supervision, and many hospitals have effective tobacco cessation programs.

Making Quit Smoking Programs Work

Anyone who plans to quit should seek support from his or her family and friends. Announce to them that you plan to give up smoking and ask them to help you go through with it. Other smokers in the family should be encouraged to quit at the same time. Will power and a keen desire to quit smoking play a crucial role in the success of the plan, so list out all the advantages of not smoking and remind yourself about them all the time.

The quit smoking programs for group one smokers, who smoke when they feel good, may need a kind of substitute. Try jogging, swimming or even chewing gum. Get plenty of rest and drink a lot of fluids. Some people take comfort by holding a coin or keys in their hands. Find a new hobby and soon you will find you do not need a cigarette to relax.

Nicotine patches or chewing gum can help wean a person who cannot do without the nicotine inhaled in cigarettes. Sometimes however ‘cold turkey’ is the only way they can stop. Take each day as it comes – one day at a time. Make sure your support system is there to help you tide over the difficult times. Very often, measures such as hypnotherapy are successful with these smokers.