How to Get Best Results from Your Hypnosis CD to Quit Smoking

Congratulations on your decision to invest in a hypnosis CD to quit smoking. Your investment will give you rich and recurring benefits in terms of winning self-confidence, and iron will to stay away from all harmful habits and substances including tobacco. You can also share this prized possession with close friends and family members who may be in the same smoking predicament as you have been until now.

You must be eager to unpack your purchase and to start using it right away, even if the delivery has arrived at your place of work just before an important meeting, and in the midst of incessant telephone calls. However, you should hang on for a bit, and follow each of the steps outlined below, so that you get top and quick results.

Keeping Doctors and Counselors about Your Hypnosis CD to Quit Smoking

You need not bother with this first step if you intend to use the hypnosis CD to quit smoking as a sole and first initiative towards getting rid of the tobacco habit. However, if you are under medication for this addiction, or for any other psychiatric purpose, or if you avail of counseling services from any professional, then you should inform your doctor or care giver before you start using the CDs. Hypnosis is compatible with other forms of treatment for nicotine dependence, but the doses and durations of your other treatments may require modifications.

Finding a Time and Place to Play Your Hypnosis CD to Quit Smoking

Dawn and dusk are favorite times for most people to play their quit smoking mind control programs. This may not work for you, if for example, you travel frequently, sleep at varying times, or have other commitments before retiring for the day, and on awakening in the morning. You are free to choose any time that suits you best, but a quiet time, in a place where the chances of disturbances are low, will help you enjoy the CD and its effects more.

How Friends and Family Can Help with Your Hypnosis CD to Quit Smoking

There is no harm in interrupting a session to attend to any urgent or unexpected matter, but you will find it easier to go through the motions and steps if you have someone to attend to the door bell, telephone, and related events which can wait until your session is over.

Precautions with a Hypnosis CD to Quit Smoking

Keep in mind that the program is gentle and takes time for full effect. Do not start evaluating it, or allow yourself to be swayed by the sarcastic comments of cynics. It is true that individuals do respond to all health care treatments in varying degrees, but the chances of you enjoying major and lasting benefits through a hypnosis CD to quit smoking are excellent.