How Quit Smoking Drugs Can Help You

You are not the first person who has drifted in to nicotine dependence by chance, desperately wants to quit, and who baulks at the terrifying prospects about which there is no dearth of horror stories, and instances of abject failure.

Welcome to the 21st century! You can rest assured that the frontier quit smoking drugs have buried the medieval torture chambers of tobacco de-addiction forever. It would be an exaggeration to say that giving up tobacco is now a cinch, but the latest quit smoking drugs are nearly there!

You may have guessed that there must be a catch to this fairy tale, but it is not as bad as all that: top quit smoking drugs are officially available exclusively through prescriptions in well-regulated countries such as the United States. The Internet and specialty outlets offer some herbal options, but even Alternative Medicine needs training and experience for successful and safe use. Overall, you have a fair choice of quit smoking drugs which can be prescribed by practitioners of each system of medicine, and they make reaching the goal of independence from nicotine more feasible than was the case in the past.

Quit Smoking Drugs and Depression Management

Doctors have made a fortuitous discovery that some smokers who were treated for depression, happened to lose interest in tobacco. Detailed research in to this chance observation has resulted in formal regulatory approval for bupropion, which was invented for depression management, being approved and used for weaning patients off tobacco. Quit smoking drugs, like all modern medicines, are so potent that not everyone can tolerate them. Expecting mothers for example, cannot be prescribed bupropion at all. Dizziness, agitation, and changes in food habits are other potentially serious side-effects reported with this category of quit smoking drugs. That is why people need prescriptions!

The Most Recommended Quit Smoking Drugs

It is strange but true: nicotine, the very villain of the piece, is the active ingredient of the most endorsed quit smoking drugs. Variations consist of how these medicines are delivered: the skin, tongue, and the nasal passage, are the significant choices for delivery of controlled amounts of nicotine in to the blood streams of people who have resolved to quit smoking. Doctors recommend excellent and consistent results with their prescriptions for this type of quit smoking drugs.

Herbal Quit Smoking Drugs

It should come as no surprise that mainstream doctors do not generally recommend products from the world of alternative medicine. None of these traditional remedies can be patented, which is a principal stumbling block for investments in the kinds of research needed to validate claims of benefits. Nevertheless, they are affordable even for those without medical insurance, and preferred by many as a first option.