Basic Information about Laser Surgery to Quit Smoking

Laser surgery has been in use for some time, especially in operations involving the eyes. The full form of the word ‘laser’ is light amplification by simulated emission of radiation. The technology involves the creation and use of a highly focused beam of light. The energy of such a light ray is so strong that it can exert sufficient force to cut through the strongest of materials. The intensity of the light beam can also be tempered to use with great precision on parts of the body. This means that a relatively low intensity laser beam may merely stimulate or subdue a nerve rather than cut through tissue.

Low intensity laser devices are feasible alternatives for needles used in acupuncture. A laser bean, in this case, acts on a specific nerve to block the sensation of pain. This mechanism of action unravels the mystery of how one can use laser surgery to quit smoking. The tobacco habit is generally associated with stress. Most addicts reach for a smoke when they are under extreme tension. The process of getting off tobacco causes severe unease, and tempts people to return to their old ways. This is perhaps the greatest and most common stumbling block for people who have realized the harmful effects of nicotine, and who wish to kick the habit. The good news is that they can all use laser surgery to quit smoking as painlessly as possible.

Who Should Try Laser Surgery to Quit Smoking?

Perhaps you enjoy an occasional cigar after a great meal, or puff at a pipe without really inhaling: you are still at risk of developing an addiction, but do not need laser surgery to quit smoking. You might, on the other hand, have made several prior and unsuccessful habits to stop: a review of the situations in which you cannot resist the sore temptation to inhale deeply, could well all relate to being over-worked, or being faced with intractable problems, chronically short of sleep and rest, and always short of time. Excessive stress is the plank on which your nicotine dependence thrives, and you wish that life would just give you a break: you are a prime candidate for laser surgery to quit smoking.

How Does Laser Surgery to Quit Smoking Work?

A relatively low intensity beam of light is directed at exact points of your face, head, and neck. You feel no pain or discomfort, and are helped to relax by gazing upon soothing scenes on a screen. A gentle voice gives you firm advice on the benefits of leaving tobacco for all time, reassuring you that you are not alone in your difficult quest. The pent up tension melts away, and you feel a new surge of confidence that you can live without nicotine. The principle of laser surgery to quit smoking works on the theory that stress and smoking have a vicious relationship. You can join legions of successful and contented former smokers by trying a set of sessions today!