10 Ways to Quit Smoking That Are Sure to Succeed

Smoking is a habit that is often hard to quit particularly for long term smokers. People may suggest 10 ways to quit smoking, but these will only work if you have made up your mind to do so. Conversely, if you are determined to quit you do not need to try 10 ways to quit smoking! However, everyone who wants to give up cigarettes has to work out a strategy which will guide him or her from the outset of the decision to stop smoking, till the stage of complete success.

The most successful of the 10 ways to quit smoking are those which help you to fight the temptation to smoke. Once you can get over the urge by any of the ways which work for you, it is half the battle won. You should consider all the options of the 10 ways to quit smoking and choose those that you feel will work best for you. It may take a bit of trial and error to choose the right ones from the 10 ways to quit smoking, but you will succeed even if you have tried to quit before and failed. What works for others may not work for you but something definitely will!

While you prepare yourself for quitting, avoid negative thoughts. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to stop smoking, and repeat one of them every night to yourself ten times. Start a gentle exercise program and increase your fluid intake. Make sure you take enough rest and are not overly tired. Physical and mental fitness are essential for any of the 10 ways to quit smoking to be successful. Be realistic in your expectations – it is not likely to be easy to quit smoking but thousands do so every day! Remember withdrawal symptoms last for only a week or two, so keep the effort going.

The Specifics of 10 Ways to Quit Smoking

Find a buddy. An important factor in your quit smoking program is to enlist the support of a friend or family member. Turn to them whenever you feel low and want to give up. Their encouragement will keep you going. Find a partner. A spouse or sibling who smokes can often be a deterrent. Get him or her to quit with you. You can help each other beat the habit together. Switch your brand in advance. Change to a low tar and low nicotine brand, or to one you find distasteful. This will make quitting easier. Cut it down. Smoke only half a cigarette and throw it away. Postpone the first one of the day. Put off smoking the first cigarette by at least another hour every day. Drink water. Every time you want to light a cigarette, drink a glass of water, orange juice or milk instead. Throw away all your cigarettes and matches and hide the ashtrays. Take each day at a time. Once you have not smoked for a day, tackle the next one. Keep yourself busy with exercise, entertainment or anything else to distract yourself. Spend time in places that do not permit smoking. Most people smoke after a meal. Brush your teeth immediately and you will lose the urge to smoke.