Present and Future Reasons to Quit Smoking

Your heart, lungs, and circulatory system are under severe and current strain, as you read this article, if you smoke even occasionally. The threats to your well-being and financial worth are proportionate to the amount of nicotine and tar which enters your system, but you are never free from the threat of severe addiction, if even traces of nicotine can find their ways in to your system. Your life span decreases measurably with every single encounter you have with any form of tobacco, and the paper used in cigarettes, adds hugely to the risks, as it burns on your lighting up. Overall, one of the main reasons to quit smoking is that it kills you inexorably during every minute of your nicotine days. It does not end with the present and current threats to your well-being and the number of years for which you are likely to remain alive. Nicotine and tar have chronic and additive effects, which make the dangers loom even larger as time goes by. Though it is possible to recover from ill-health in substantial measures once you stop your deadly tobacco affair, traces of burnt paper in the far reaches of your lungs and arteries hardened by years of nicotine exposure, continue to pose risks throughout the remainder of your shortened life. Fear of long term consequences, and of deeply distressful later life are as important as reasons to quit smoking, as the immediate threats you encounter with the tobacco habit. Selfless Reasons to Quit Smoking The risks, which you endure as a result of your addiction, are finally your business. Suicide is illegal in most countries, but in spite of all its established toxicity, nicotine addiction is not a crime. Who is to stop you if you determine that your wellness and life are worth throwing away for the pleasures that a habit imparts? However, there are powerful reasons to quit smoking, which have nothing to do with you as an isolated individual. Though tobacco consumption is a personal habit, it causes disgust and tangential harm to others. You might slink away for a quick cigarette where the practice is barred to prevent passive smoking, but your breath and even your clothes bear the stench of your dreadful habit, for those who do not indulge in it. You could become a social outcast in most modern and aware circles, should you smoke, and you could even be denied intimacy, if a partner is not addicted as you are. The reasons to quit smoking enumerated so far pale in significance compared to the last one: children. The best outcome in a sense is that sperm counts are so debilitated that you can no longer conceive. Things are even worse if you are female, for while you do not need more than one egg to have a baby, the innocent one may come in to this world with terrible deformities and crippling disabilities because a careless or ignorant mother continued smoking during her reproductive years. You might well conclude that there could be no stronger reasons to quit smoking than to have normal children, except that you might die without leaving adequate capital for their upbringing, or worse, spend so much on your medical treatment, as to leave insufficient funds for their essential needs. You should hope that they despise you, because they may copy your tobacco habit if you are looked upon as a kind of role model. Your children are the ultimate reasons to quit smoking, so stub out now and never light up again!

Look To Quit Smoking Websites To Help You Quit For Good

When you try to quit smoking, it’s very easy to feel as though you’re going through it all by yourself, with no one offering any substantial advice or help. There is help available, however, and it comes in the form of quit smoking websites, where you’ll find tips on how to quit smoking, advice from others who have quit or who are quitting, and much more. These websites are designed to help others quit smoking once and for all, and the best part is that they’re free. So log on, find one of the quit smoking websites and start down the long road to becoming a non smoker.

Submitted Stories

The best part about quit smoking websites is that you’ll find stories that people have submitted that describe their ordeal to becoming a non smoker. Reading these actual stories really causes you to realize that you’re not alone. Other people have been there and most of the stories describe exactly what you’re feeling. It makes things seem a little easier knowing you’re not the only person who has gone through what you’re going through. Reading these stories also gives you the strength to quit because it makes you think that, if other people can do it, you can do it too.

Smoking Cessation Products

Quit smoking websites are also great resources for learning about smoking cessation products, if they work or not and if they’re worth the money. Products such as the patch, the gum, and others have been used by other people to quit smoking and they are happy to relay their experiences on the internet for all to see. That’s why you should take advantage of their postings so that you can determine which products are worth using to try and quit smoking.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Quit smoking websites are also great for learning about withdrawal symptoms, such as moodiness, hunger, depression, and more. Quitting smoking, it is said, is not unlike having someone close to you die. There is a literal mourning period one must go through. To make things a little easier on you, read about the symptoms on quit smoking websites so that you can prepare for them. When you’re prepared for the symptoms that you know will come, it’s much easier to overcome them knowing they will pass eventually.

Quitting smoking is no easy feat, but it can be done with help. Just log on and search for one of the quit smoking websites so that you can finally become the non smoker you’ve been trying to be for a long time.

Need Help? Try These Quit Smoking Tips

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), more people than those who quit heroin combined than those that quit smoking. Megastar Ozzy Osbourne, who has been addicted to just about every drug in the world, stated once that of all his addictions, smoking was the most difficult to quit. Nicotine is an incredibly difficult drug to stop using, and ASAM cites it as having a very high relapse rate. Does this mean that you shouldn’t even try to stop smoking? Absolutely not! Many people have successfully stopped smoking and have never relapsed. With knowledge, willpower, and some good quit smoking tips, you can soon call yourself an ex-smoker.

Because of nicotine’s intense level of addiction, it’s hard to “go it alone.” See your physician for medical help to stop smoking. By reading and trying quit smoking tips, your chances for success will be very good. You won’t know if any quit smoking tips work unless you try them. The road will seem endless until you start walking.

Quit Smoking Tips That Work

First, change your routine. Smokers generally have a subconscious routine that is built around smoking. For example, when you drive to work and smoke two cigarettes on the way, take another route to work. If you enjoy an after dinner smoke, try getting up from the table immediately and wash the dishes. These quit smoking tips are a form of behavior modification. Smoking was a learned behavior for you; what is learned can be un-learned and replaced by other behavior.

Second, if you have a “slip” and smoke, don’t believe that you just can’t do it. An important quit smoking tip is to let yourself be less than perfect. All is not lost. It’s not important how many times you fall down; what is important is how many times you get up. Keep getting up, no matter what.

Third, smoking is linked to times of stress and anger. An import quit smoking tip is to take a stress or anger management class. You can find mental health centers that excel in these classes at little or no cost. Learning how to cope with stress and anger without smoking is an essential skill.

Finally, if you like to smoke at social occasions, an excellent quit smoking tip is to explain to your friends that you no longer smoke, and ask them not to offer you cigarettes no matter how much you tell them about why you need to smoke right now. Your real friends will stay true to your request for help.

For more quit smoking tips, there are many on-line sources of help. Yes, you can stop!

Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis Once And For All

Trying to quit smoking is the hardest thing you’ll probably ever do. Especially if you quit cold turkey, you’ll be moody, constantly hungry and you’ll find yourself in the worst mood you’ve ever been in. However, you can also try to quit smoking through hypnosis which can help you quit without all the nasty side effects. You have two choices when you try to quit smoking through hypnosis. You can make an appointment with a hypnotist who will reprogram your mind while you’re in an altered state to make you think like a non smoker, or you can try self hypnosis which involves bringing yourself into this state. Both techniques have helped people quit smoking, but it still takes will power and a desire to quit. You can quit smoking, you just have to want to quit, and hypnosis can finally help you do it.

To quit smoking through hypnosis, you first have to tell yourself that you want to quit. You can’t just go under hypnosis and then expect to be a non smoker as soon as you wake up. You probably don’t need a reason to quit. You know it’s healthier to be a non smoker, it will save you lots of money and it really is a disgusting habit. However, knowing why you want to quit and actually doing it are two completely different things. Quitting smoking takes a lot of work, dedication and will power, but it can be done. If you make your mind up to finally quit once and for all, then hypnosis can help you take that final step of putting those cigarettes down for good.


To quit smoking through hypnosis, make an appointment with a hypnotist near you. During hypnosis, you will go into a relaxed state, in essence an altered state of consciousness. The hypnotist will then speak directly to your subconscious so that when you wake, you’ll begin to think like a non smoker. Some people fear that once they’re under, or in their hypnotized state, they’ll have all kinds of crazy things programmed into their mind. Well, hypnotism doesn’t work that way. Hypnotism can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. That’s why you must make a conscious decision to quit before you try to quit smoking through hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis

If you don’t want to go to a hypnotist, you can try self hypnotism. Trying to quit smoking through self hypnosis can work, but it takes a lot more work on your part. You can find techniques for self hypnosis in books, on tapes, CD’s or DVD’s, such as relaxation techniques and self talk scripts that you can repeat to reprogram your mind to think like a non smoker. You must keep up with your self hypnosis if you want it to work, and you must still make a conscious decision to quit. You can quit smoking through hypnosis, and you can finally put that nasty habit down for good, you just have to decide if you’re going to seek help or go it alone.

Where to Find Quit Smoking Support

Today’s smokers have potentially smooth passages to lives without tobacco and nicotine, compared to the plight of earlier generations, thanks to modern medicine. The concerted move against tobacco started in the second half of the last century, and is not over as yet, but no one can deny that it is a relative achievement compared to many other public health issues.

Quit smoking support has received huge boosts from the discovery of new medicines. One of these developments was quite by chance, because the drug was originally meant to treat depression. However, it has been subsequently established to be a powerful form of quit smoking support.

Doctors have also found novel ways to use nicotine to fight the very addiction for which it is responsible. The concept is to substitute smoking with controlled release of nicotine in to the blood stream. This can be achieved through patches on the skin, by inhaling, through the nose, or even by the pleasure of sucking on a lozenge!

Quit smoking support is now versatile and adequate for most people who have access to mainstream medicine. This condition does exclude a large number of people because not everyone has insurance, while many are under-insured, and unable to make the co-payments which they policies demand.

Quit smoking support should have counseling dimensions if it is to work well. Nicotine replacement therapies cannot be used for a long time, so patients have to be encouraged to try and break their habits through sheer resolve as well. Side-effects and contra-indications complicate matters and dilute quit smoking support in some patients.

Quit Smoking Support outside a Physician’s Office

Fortunately, quit smoking support is not limited to prescription medicines alone. People who cannot take these modern drugs, or who cannot afford their shares of the prices, or who lack access to mainstream medical care, need other forms of help in their quests to gain independence from nicotine and from all forms of tobacco.

Counseling is a useful form of quit smoking support, provide that it is offered by an experienced and able professional. Amateurish quit smoking support by well-wishers who lack training may be ineffective at best, or even counter-productive. It takes a combination of patience and knowledge to understand the circumstances of each individual and to lead them along the appropriate path of quit smoking support. Therapy based on hypnosis, acupuncture, certain herbal extracts, and the use of low intensity lasers in special settings, are other forms of quit smoking support available outside the mainstream medicine arena.